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Launch a High Tech Career

Travel the World, Work with Cutting Edge Tech, Lead Million Dollar Projects and Earn 6 Figures NO Previous Experience or Degree Required

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Technology is the tool to catapulting your career and Logix Tech is your guide.

Are you a recent college graduate, midlife career changer with No degree or maybe you’re looking to level up. Logix Tech can help, to begin with, let’s take a look at today’s tech. It can be wildly impressive and literally bewildering, but you can develop a successful career using it. And more than anything employers WANT motivated and skilled employees. So ask yourself, do you want to launch a tech career?

Start here; Logix Tech can help you map out a path to your dream career. build a powerful skillset that will impress every hiring manager. Develop incredible confidence to get and do the job. Configure a world wide network of professionals to draw resources and support from and finally help you acquire the highest compensation, perks and benefits to suit your new successful lifestyle.


Paths To a Professional Career


Designers create everything from commercial products to machinery using cutting edge 2D & 3D software and real life simulation programs.


Using dozens of programming languages, you can operate hardware systems that control robotic and automated and web based systems


While working as an engineer or technician you could integrate, electrical, mechanical, robotics, and programmable systems.

Unsure Where to Start?

There’s a lot of options out there and you have a lot of experience you can bring to the table, I get it. That’s why I compiled a resource of my recommendations (plus other peoples) on the various disciplines and pathways to a rewarding high tech career for you.

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