Logix Tech Helps You Travel the World, Work With Cutting Edge Tech, Lead Million Dollar Projects and Earn 6 Figures

Designers, Programmers and Integrator’s Wanted

Do you like to scratch ideas on napkins, tinker with gadgets, take apart electronics, put stuff together at christmas time? Do you like to solve problems, maybe you’re comfortable leading a meeting, do you want to be a programmer or are you great with digital art? That’s good because we’re just like you, so come join us. 

Want a High-Technology Career?

There is an ever growing world of technology these days, growing beyond control and expectations and the need for trained professionals is insatiable.

In the real world, this is an opportunity for newbies, recent college gradates and seasoned professionals looking to level up or over into a new career.

Were a tight knit community here at Logix Tech a REAL WORLD supportive commnity of new and experienced professionals working and learning together help each other grow strong skillsets, produce powerful portfolios and create a worldwide network of contacts that will supply an endless supply of 6 figure job opportunities around the world.

If this sounds exciting to you that’s great, because were have a LIMITED TIME OPEN ENROLLMENT going on right now. TIME IS LIMITED, because were closing the doors soon, so get started ASAP>

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Inside Logix Tech

Logix Tech can help newbies, college graduates and seasoned pros build strong engineering skills, a powerful portfolio and a growing network of contacts from around the World which can provide an endless supply of high 5 to 6+ figure job offers.


Our first goal is to ensure you can do the job. Logix Tech cuts through the confusion and helps you learn REAL WORLD skills to make you job ready. We offer weekly video training, unlimited email support and access to a growing library of resources.


We will help you build a powerful portfolio filled with REAL WORLD projects that will impress hiring managers and recruiters. We want to help you grow a portfolio that will build the foundation for your career. We cannot do it for you, but together well help.


We can also help you grow a network and help you connect and meet with industry professionals from around the world (for those who want to travel or relocate) that will fill your inbox with an an endless supply of high 5 – 6 figures job offers.


We offer our members a unique set of advantages for having joined our programs. We all know its not enough to learn a new skill, it takes a large toolbox of resources to be successful. And with our toolbox of resources we give our community an advantage in the job market. 


Become a part of our community and receive access to a growing toolbox of resources; on-going tech and career building seminars, on-going job search support i.e. resumes, interview prep etc. And a commitment to remain friends, your not alone on your journey.


We are proud to provide our growing library of seminars, resources and technical training offered to our community. Join and you will receive a weekly LIVE webinar, video training seminars and unlimited email support. 


We will be your go to resource when looking for a new opportunity for the rest of your life. Many of us have a favorite mechanic we trust, we go to them every time we need to fix our car or truck. Just like your mechanic we will be your go to career building resource.

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