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How Artificial Intelligence Will Start the Next Revolution

Have you heard the phrase, Artificial Intelligence? Likely you have, and your going to hear more about it from companies like Amazon, Uber and Google. I can’t believe I just read about the next revolution, and that artificial intelligence is starting it. And It’s freaky how it’s going to change the world. Even more incredible is what I learned that I can do to prevent losing in the new economy.
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Insider’s Guide to Become a Robotics Engineer

Have you heard about the coming robotics revolution? You will, because according to Oxford University 47% of jobs in America risk automation replacement. In this guide I’m going to share my personal insider’s tips with you, you’ll also discover the answers to your biggest questions about robotics and what they will mean to you.
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5 Toughest Questions Answered to Launch a High Tech Career

Would you like to work launch a high-tech career? It sends shivers down the spine of many people every morning when they wake up to go to work. Maybe that’s you. Or maybe you like the company you work at but not the job you’re currently doing. In today’s world many...
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